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Today is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day; a day full of a complete range of emotions, from sadness at the tremendous loss of lives to incredible pride in overcoming the physical obstacles that our boys were able to conquer.  D-Day changed the world and placed America’s vision — it’s steadfast belief in our Republic and the people willing to make the sacrifices necessary to protect it — at the helm of the fight for the world to experience our freedom.  We are forever grateful to the men and women who trusted our leaders knowing full well that they may never return.

History.com has assembled an chronological view of the storming of Normandy’s coast and how they overcame disastrous landings to rout the Nazis.  The Daily Signal writes how American soldiers on D-Day set the bar for courage.

Bob McManus credits American exceptionalism along with the courage of our young service men.

Fox News covered President Trump’s speech on D-Day’s 75th anniversary in Normandy, France.  You can watch it here.

As the Daily Signal notes, on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, sacrifices at Normandy must not be forgotten.

James Varney writes in the Washington Times about Racing time: Groups rush to honor World War II veterans, preserve their stories.

Paratrooper Tom Rice, parachutes into Normandy again, 75 years later and at age 97!

Newsday is reporting  that John Flanagan considers that a vote on license bill would be ‘colossal political mistake’ for Democrats.  We say it would not only be a colossal political mistake, in endangers the safety of our citizens.  If you have not signed our petition, please do so now, and if you have, please forward it to your family and friends for them to sign.

Unlike our Lt. Governor who flip-flopped on driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, Rensselaer County Clerk, Frank Merola, is standing strong in opposition, as he did in 2007.

The Conservative Party agrees with today’s NY Post editorial:  Don’t spread the poison of rent controlBernadette Hogan reports on why landlords do not agree with plan to pass pro-tenant measures.  The Daily News is reporting that landlords say the city could lose billions if the rent reforms on track to be passed are adopted.

Have you ever wondered how Governor Cuomo manages to negotiate most of what he wants?  This may explain why.

Wendy’s good deed.

Can it really be that robocalls are in its death throes

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