Daily Update

It is way past time for Chancellor Richard Carranza to be FIRED; any other person would have been by now.  As Bob McManus rightly points out, racial division is Richard Carranza’s only agenda.

The NY Post editorial opines on Jerry Nadler’s political theater.

New Yorkers already anticipated this:  MTA Document Says Congestion Pricing Will be Complicated.

Oversight is lacking and automatic approval seems to be rampant, reimbursement almost impossible.

Congresswoman Stefanik describes H.R. 6 as “a sweeping amnesty bill that will expand the flow of illegal immigration, allow criminals and gang members to enter our country, and make our Customs and Border Patrol Officer’s jobs significantly more difficult,” in explain her no vote.  Kudos to Congresswoman Stefanik and Congressmen Collins, King, Katko, Reed and Zeldin for voting no and putting the safety of New Yorkers first;  H.R. 6 goes much further than a DACA fix as the Democrats are describing the bill.    The Daily Signal points out 4 things to know about House Democrats’ ‘Dream and Promise’ Amnesty.  The Washington Times covered the vote and fallout here.

Jim Geraghty writes in his Morning Jolt that the pro-lifers warned of a slippery slope, and they’re right.

Clarence Thomas Shows Left’s Hypocrisy on Discrimination.

Queen, world leaders honor veterans on D-Day anniversary.  D-Day deception: How phantom armies and fake information helped win the Battle of Normandy.

‘The boys of Pointe du Hoc’ (you can hear President Reagan give the speech)  It has been 35 years since President Ronald Reagan gave the D-Day speech that moved a nation, somehow it is fitting that Ronald Reagan went to meet the boys of Pointe du Hoc 15 years ago today.  Rest in Peace, Mr. President.  We still sorely miss you.

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