The City, an on-line news source has an article, STATE ASSEMBLY POISED TO GREENLIGHT LICENSES FOR IMMIGRANT DRIVERS, written by Josefa Velasquez and Rosa Goldensohn, that begins with this sentence; Undocumented (emphasis added) New Yorkers are inching closer to getting their right to driver’s licenses restored. Question, where does it say that ILLEGAL, or to use their term, UNDOCUMENTED New Yorkers have a “right” to a driver’s license.  Just because news organizations say you have a “right” does not mean you can circumvent the laws of the United States and New York State.  If you enter our country ILLEGALLY you have disregarded, ignored and defied the law of the land, why then should you be rewarded with any of the benefits of citizenship?  Instead of pulling at the heartstrings of a generous population, why not write about the deaths caused by illegal immigrants when driving?

Bob Confer writes in his column that lawmakers look to make New York even more litigious.  It helps explain why New York’s hidden costs helps make NY a very expensive state to live in and why companies are reluctant to locate here.

According to the US Census Bureau, women in NYS comprise 51.4% of the population.  The way Governor Andrew Cuomo is pandering to them, one would think the percentage would be much higher.  The unfortunate results his pandering could easily backfire leaving women without jobs (strengthening  equal pay), broaden the criteria for what’s considered sexual harassment (could lead to fewer opportunities for women) and, sadly the reality is, it encourages women to be victims.

Ken Girardin writes about Albany’s Pork Binge update in the NY Torch, a public policy blog.

Larry Horist has two columns on his blog that you will enjoy:  New York Times thinks CNN and MSNBC are too biased. What? And, Helping the left understand why people don’t join the Trump Resistance Movement.

One of today’s NY Post editorial:  Exploiting kids to push racial division: Team de Blasio’s new low. 

Biden Didn’t March with the Civil Rights Movement But This NRA President Did.

Dennis Prager:  Why So Many Mass Shootings? Ask The Right Questions And You Might Find Out.

Sadly, this shows how nonchalant far too many have become about killing innocent lives.  ICYMI: PBS Documentary on Abortion Shows Woman Nonchalantly Killing Her Twins.

Why a Former CEO Says Capitalism, Not Socialism, Encourages Morality.

Walter E. Williams writes about Colleges Committed to Ideological Diversity.


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