Daily Update

The news of the day continues to be Mr. Mueller’s closing down the office of special prosecutor while leaving the door open to the congressional democrats demand for an indictment of President Trump.  Liberal democrat, Alan Dershowitz, wrote this in The Hill: Shame on Robert Mueller for exceeding his role.    Michael Goodwin has this to say:  America left to face the nasty consequences of Robert Mueller’s actions.    The NY Post sums it up with this editorial:  Mueller’s passive-aggressive statement doesn’t change the bottom line.

Charles Hurt puts it this way:  Starved for attention, Mueller pulls a Jim Comey.

Stephen B. Presser opines on jurisprudence and the failed coup. 

Julie Kelly writes about another Mueller-Comey One-Two Punch.

How many of your tax dollars have been funneled to the western area of New York State for economic development, yet people who lived there are leaving in droves.

Wind turbines or military preparedness?  Will Green energy eventually make it impossible for our military to be properly trained? 

Roy Spencer: Why so many tornadoes this year? It’s not what AOC, Bernie Sanders (or maybe even you) think.

These two soul sisters  should tour as victims and sore losers Oh wait, they are doing that already.

Here is a democrat that understands the sanctity of life .  Kudos to Governor John Bel Edwards, D-LA.

Another convicted murderer has been released on parole while the victims’ family still feel the deep, empty loss and heartache of not be able to hold their 16-year-old, watch her go to proms, graduations, get married and live the life that should have been but, was brutally cut short.

The reality is, Gov. Cuomo lost control of spending a long time ago, it is just becoming public now.

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