Daily Update

If this is accurate and we have no reason to believe that it isn’t, the chances of Governor Cuomo’s dream of a 4th term just hit rock bottom. 

No license+ DWI charges+ Fatal injury = No Bail.

The Albany Times Union covered the Public Hearing on Single Payer Health Care yesterday, the important  and honest assessment of Single Payer Health Care is in Bill Hammond’s testimony here

This certainly is an eye-opener:  California threatens to upend Catholic ‘seal of confession’

Michael Goodwin writes that Richard Carranza’s prejudicial race politics have gone too far.  I couldn’t agree more with his assessment. 

Betsy McCaughey opines in the NY Post on why Democrats’ grab for Trump’s taxes is doomed to fail

John Podhoretz has this to say about Robert Mueller’s statement today:  Robert Mueller’s ‘final statement’ was a disgraceful mess..  I watched Mr. Mueller and I tend to agree with Mr. Podhoretz’s column.  I believed Mr. Mueller was trying to have his statement keep the discussion on-going and while he is finished, the reasons that the special counsel was appointed remain muddled because Mr. Mueller managed to leave the door ajar.  However, while Mr. Mueller stressed the fact numerous times that a sitting President could not be charged with a crime, he  stated just once and very briefly, that  it was necessary to have this investigation now, because memories are fresh and documents are available and among other things that evidence would be used if there were co-conspirators, who could have been charged now. . (at the 5:37 mark) This is a fact:  No. one. was.   Mr. Mueller has resigned and closed the books.  It is time for the nay-sayers to do the same.  While some will continue to try and keep this investigation open based on Mr. Mueller’s statement, which as Mr. Podhoretz stated “was a disgraceful mess,” the fact remains, no one close to President Trump, who could have been indicted after a two-year investigation, was. 

David Keene opines on Joe Biden’s gambit. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.