Daily Update

Mayor Bill de Blasio is definitely off his meds, if he really thinks this is a good idea.  It is a prescription to chase responsible New Yorkers’ out of New York City.  

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill has concerns regarding the “dangerous bail reform” passed earlier this legislative session. 

Then you add the irresponsible legislation passed by the NYS Legislature earlier this year that today’s NY Post Editorial calls “New York’s new get-out-of-jail-free card for white-collar criminals” , and you can’t help but wonder, how long before New York returns to the days when New Yorkers’ actually had signs in their cars that stated “no radio” and Bryant Park was an open-air drug market?    This is the path New York is on, a path encouraged by the total control of the progressive arm of the Democratic Party that dominates the NYC Council and since January the New York State Legislature. 

Tom Precious, a longtime Albany reporter for the Buffalo News, outlines crunch time at the Capitol, with just 13 legislative days left in this year’s session, barring any return in December to deal with campaign financing and fusion voting.    This is not all that can and may pop in the middle of the night on the last day of session; it is when bills that would not withstand public scrutiny are passed or bills that the public demand (limo safety) die a sudden death. 

Will Legislators even consider these real areas of concern pointed out in this Op-Ed by Joseph Strasburg

In an effort to pass the recreational use of marijuana, the bill has been amended to include a higher tax rate (more money for legislators to spend), expunging lower level marijuana convictions (few, if any, are convicted on their first arrest), reduced the amount you are allowed to have from 2 pounds to 3 ounces (must means one has to make more trips to the place of sale), the state would invest in training police to recognize impaired drivers ($1 million a year for 3 years…police need a reliable field test, recognizing impaired drivers is not the problem), the Governor gets to appoint  someone to oversee cannabis regulations (a big contributor?) and the most concerning amendment: greater preference for sales licenses would be granted to those affected by prior marijuana convictions.  Seriously?  You break the law and your reward is a franchise to sell the product that caused your conviction?  That really teaches society to respect and abide by laws created by the legislature to keep the public safe.  What this amendment does is teach people by disregard laws you may be rewarded with a government franchise worth millions of dollars. This must be the new progressive definition of capitalism: break the laws and get rewarded.

Will this stunt backfire?  Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to show support for tipped workers and will be serving patrons later this week to urge mandating “One Fair Wage” which would institute a full minimum wage for workers who earn tips.  If adopted, who will leave a tip?  In all likelihood, those who work for tips now, will have a serious cut in pay, if “One Fair Wage” is adopted.   As a side note, unless AOC wears a disguise, most patrons will be over tipping her so they can brag that @AOC served them.  

Robert Knight writes about rejecting the Marxist version of the Constitution

Charles Hurt opines that the delusional Democrats are lashing out at Trump – again

The Daily Signal reminds us that Medicare for all would eliminate Americans’ choices in health coverage.

Pay to Play lives on!  Unfortunately, the tax payer pays for it in the end.