Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

I’ve had a great week traveling around our state, with stops at Conservative Party dinners in Nassau County, Wayne County and Monroe County – thanks so much for having me speak! Tomorrow, I will be in Liverpool, NY (Onondaga County) for a press conference regarding the Party’s efforts to put the brakes on illegal immigrants getting driver’s licenses, followed by a meeting of the state executive committee.

Upstate New York is beautiful in the spring and full of wonderful places to be. Here’s the news I’ve been watching this week…

TRUMP 2020

As the Democrats push their true (and truly narrow) agenda of impeachment, President Trump set the stage for the 2020 campaign with a raucous, riveting speech in the battleground state of Florida that as usual, drew a massive crowd of supporters.

Chuck Schumer wasn’t impressed, of course – who can blame him, since he’s being outplayed by President Trump at every turn? But the President touched on a host of issues that matter to conservatives, from abortion extremism to the Second Amendment to the border crisis.

I pulled a transcript of the speech and picked out what I think are the most powerful statements from President Trump as he charges ahead into the 2020 campaign. Which one do you think is President Trump at his best? That’s the question in our new Weekly Poll – and I know I don’t have to tell you that we’ll be hearing plenty more from our President as Election Day draws closer and closer.


Have you heard of the so-called “Equality Act” targeting gender and sexuality that’s now a progressive priority in Washington? If so, you know that the name alone is one of the greatest acts of legislative and political dishonesty this country has ever witnessed. Naturally the Democrats’ aim with this bill is to undermine President Trump, but it goes so much deeper than that.

As the Daily Signal notes, this is a bill that would advance civil tyranny, not civil rights – and it would promote abortion, undermine women, and force doctors to abandon the time-honored oath to “do no harm.”

Here in New York and in other states we can see the harm this bill will do to our nation, and the cultural impact of the Democrats’ gender revolution is already horrifying and will only get worse.

You have my word that the Conservative Party will be actively engaged on this issue – stay tuned for updates!


The collusion delusion should be dead, but even some Republicans refuse to give up.

Courageous Colorado students protest the politicization of a school tragedy.

Will a ballooning helium shortage deflate the economy?