Daily Update

The Beat takes a realistic look at rent control in New York City.  The Left strongly supports this 1940’s “housing emergency” that has not resolved any such problem and they are looking to make rent control statewide.  Beware. 

North Carolina State Senator Don Davis proved standing up for life is more important than standing up for your political party.  Thank you, Senator Don Davis. 

Thank you, Governor Brian Kemp, you also show that stand up for life is far more important than the threat of boycotts. 

Dems can say what they want, but facts do not lie.  Poorest Americans Are Benefiting Most from Strong Economy

One would think this Grandmother  would have watched Frozen enough times by now, that she would learn to just Let It Go.

Senator Elizabeth Warren should be reading this article  to truly understand the basis of how and why impeachment is called for in our US Constitution.  Calling for impeachment is political and was included in the US Constitution to protect the balance of power between the three branches of government.  However, Senator Warren has no basis to call for President Trump’s impeachment as President Trump has not committed a crime.  Her actions are purely political and completely misleading

Conrad Black is going to drive Sen. Warren (and a lot of other people) further into the deep end with this headline:  Trump Set Up for a Big Win In 2020. 

Moving from New York to Florida saves much more than just taxes. 

The NYS Senate is poised to pass S.221-A today and you should know it continues Governor Andrew Cuomo’s need to put convicted felons on equal footing as those who have never broken any law nor done anything the least bit detrimental to a fellow human or four-footed furry critter.  The Bill they are planning on passing lifts the lifetime ban on jury duty for convicted felons who have completed their sentencing.  Think about that for a moment:  a person who has served time in prison for breaking a (or many) law(s) will now be able to sit in judgement of another person accused of breaking the law.  I wonder how many hung juries will be the result?  A 10% increase, 20%, maybe even a 50% increase, costing taxpayer’s additional money for retrials.  What about the stress on the victims when they have to relive the terror of the crime again due to a retrial?  Or what if the DA declines to try the suspect again and he/she walks free and continues to commit crimes.  There is no doubt that people deserve second chances and should not have to wear a scarlet letter around their neck, but in saying that, a convicted felon on a jury is not what those who signed the Magna Carta calling for a “jury of their peers” meant.   Our 6th Amendment gives the suspect many rights, including an impartial jury; the likelihood that a convicted felon on a jury will be impartial is zero.