Daily Update

In case you missed this over the weekend, the NY Post editorial spells out the ridiculous reason New York faces a gas shortage.  Craig Stevens had a follow up Op-Ed, The deranged drive to choke New York’s natural gas supply, in today’s NY Post. 

Tom Precious is reporting that the push for driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants intensifies at Capitol   We can stop this dangerous idea!  We did in the past and we can do it again.  Sign our petition to put the breaks on driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants   Please send the link to all the contacts in your lists.  Legislators understand numbers, they see in the polls that New Yorker’s oppose this bill, but they react to stacks and stacks of paper proving that New Yorker’s do not want illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. 

Councilman Joe Borelli sits with City and State regarding his run for Public Advocate of NYC. 

Does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who introduced HR 5, the Equality Act in March really understand what this bill does?  Here is another example of the left,  while supposedly trying to make everything perfect is actually creating chaos and confusion when it comes to girls/women and sports.

Commissioner, not only New York City, the whole state will, unfortunately, experience the dangers.  James O’Neill: Crime reforms would make NYC more dangerous. 

Hell is too good for this man.  What kind of sick individual could do this to their child… or anyone?

The “Never Trumper’s” will be in meltdown mode when they read this; Gallup:  Trump Approval Rating Ticks Up to New High of 46 Percent .  Do you think Robert de Nero will be recovered enough by July 10 to help host the mega-fundraiser Gov. Andrew Cuomo is planning?

What?  The NY Times concedes Trump is right on border crisis and urges Congress to fulfill new WH budget request.  Read Guy Benson’s column here. 

Two adamantly different sides of the pro-life movement demonstrate in Times Square without any clashes or arrests.  This Is America; we can disagree on issues and still be civil.