Daily Update

The Beat explains the perils of the state budget’s cash bail requirement 

Did you see this over the weekend?    Innocent victims murdered in cold blood, now the bleeding-heart liberals controlling the NYS Legislature feel they should be released from prison? It is becoming so absurd, why have any laws or prisons at all?  After letting Judith Clark out of prison and the likelihood of having this pass, the families who had the lives shattered, the children who grew up with out parents, the spouses who lost their loved ones and can only stand by their graves instead of having then stand next to them at important events, how do you explain to them, that these cold heartless people will be able to live and enjoy the benefits of  freedom?  Any legislator that votes for this proposed bill should be voted out of office at the next election.

Newsday is reporting that while NY lawmakers move left, top court moves more to the right , good news for those of us who believe that justice for victims is also justified.

News Flash for Sen. Bernie Sanders:  75% of Americans disagree with Bernie Sanders’ plan to let every US prisoner vote. 

City Hall’s ‘shut up’ argument against charter schools. 

De Blasio is still selling City Hall, with not an ounce of shame. 

The Daily Signal reports on The Inside Story of Trump’s First 2 Years in Washington. 

Robert Knight opines on rubbing salt in the nation’s wounds.