Daily Update

Chris Churchill has a terrific sense of humor and he shows it in today’s Times Union column:  35 questions inspired by Andrew Cuomo

Politico is reporting this:  New York, New Jersey governors cut deal on congestion pricing while Politico is also reporting this:  Cuomo’s MTA chief denies two-state agreement on Manhattan tolling Time will tell which article is accurate.  (My money would be on Pat Foye.)

We won this battle once before, let’s win it again! 

If there is a Legislative Hearing in your area, please make every effort to attend and hopefully to make a presentation You and I both know the other side will be stacked, our voices must be heard, if you can’t attend, send letters to your local papers, do all you can to stop New York State government from taking over your health care. 

How Pelosi’s Equality Act Would Ruin Women’s Sports.

Do you think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortiz even acknowledges that this will happen  if her “brilliant New Green Deal” is adopted?

Another case of priorities up-side-down.  Do we really want a person who is willing to reward felons for selling drugs as our next president?  ”… they were ahead of the curve…” what next?  Having bank robbers becoming bank tellers?  Oh wait, JC Morgan Chase wants to hire more ex-felons despite the fact that since 1950 banks are barred from hiring anyone convicted of a crime of dishonesty or breach of trust.  Almost everyone deserves a second chance; but that second chance has to be the right fit. 

 American schools produce 100,000 illegal immigrant ‘Dreamers’ a year. This huge number must end.  Build the Wall. 

 When you read this article you really have to ask yourselves, do Legislative Hearings really matter? 

 Michele Malkin:  Beware Soros-Funded Hijacking of US Census