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Did you know that New York State will no Longer suspend driver’s licenses over drug crimes? Forbes explains why NY did and how it has come about that they no longer will.  The drug crimes were not necessarily related to driving, and about 90% of the suspensions fell into the “nothing to do with driving” category.   Did you also know there is currently a bill in the Legislature that seeks to make NYS a Sanctuary State , that Governor Cuomo’s Parole Board released Judith Clark one of the principles involved with the Brinks Robbery,  and in NYC jumping the MTA turnstile is no longer an arrestable crime (but the MTA is hemorrhaging money, looking for ways to have you pay more even if you do not use the MTA facilities.)   Unfortunately, New York State is on the path to becoming a remake of the 1981 movie Escape from New York; wait, that won’t happen, in Escape from New York, Manhattan was a prison, currently New York is doing all it can to empty their prisons and letting the inmates run the city because all of the hard working people are escaping.

New York can stop the madness that is slowly eroding the city that never sleeps.  However, if the breaks are not applied NOW, New York will become the East Coast’s San Francisco.  Lawrence Jones, the Editor-in-Chief of Campus Reform, traveled to San Francisco to expose just how devastated this once iconic city has become. Mr. Jones, notes in his report that the city has the money to deal with the dangerous conditions on its streets, but are funneling time and energy into sanctuary city policies. (emphasis added.)  May we remind you that Speaker Nancy Pelosi represents San Francisco.  Nice legacy, Nancy!!!

NRA: Supreme Court Should Move Forward on Gun Case Despite NYC Attempt to Undercut Suit. 

Michael Goodwin nails it in today’s column:  Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor of all time after Green New Deal talk

Betsy McCaughey opines on Elizabeth Warren’s loony college-giveaway plan.  Here is the Daily Signal’s take on Sen. Warren’s plan that they say will make college’s cost more. 

What Social Security’s Shortfall Means for You. 

Liberals Are Using Rep. Ilhan Omar as an Excuse to Chill Speech

U.S. Veteran: This Is Why We Take Ilhan Omar’s ‘Disgusting’ Black Hawk Down Tweet Personally. 

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