Daily Update

Nicole Gelinas explains the problems when government passes laws that make no sense whatsoever. 

The NY Post editorial board is justifiably critical of the political influence currently controlling the Parole Board.

Cosmetics tycoon Ron Lauder sets the right example when he fights for gifted students:  Billionaire joins push to stop de Blasio’s high school admissions test plan. 

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar sparks more controversy with her assessment of the number of Somalis killed during the 1993 military operation that inspired the film “Black Hawk Down.”   Why is the Congresswoman still on the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Oh my, what will the mainstream media do when they read this:  Latino vote expected to be major factor for Trump. 

Another organization that once had a stellar reputation; our morals and values have been cast aside by a nonreligious need to gratify ones wants immediately without regard for the consequences.   Then again, in today’s secular society, there are little or no consequences for taking the innocence of a child.  And there is no shame either; in fact, far too often it is celebrated.  We are abandoning God, is it any wonder that He is abandoning us?

Mayor de Blasio is trying to outdo Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with his vision of no more glittering glass skyline  and slashing beef consumption and phasing out processed meats.    Why do these controlling politicians think they are the only ones who have solutions to various problems? 

Here is a man who understood our problems and came up with reasonable solutions to America’s problems.  A man comfortable in who he was, where he came from and who he leaned on, a man who quietly sanctioned the morals and values of our Founding Fathers who relied on Judeo-Christian values. 

Some Possible Good News:   After Supreme Court Arguments, Odds of Keeping the Citizenship Question on the Census are Good For the Trump Administration.