Daily Update

Charter Schools:  Worth the investment!

Michael Goodwin takes Richard Carranza to task in his column:  Richard Carranza’s black and white approach is ruining city schools.    It isn’t a good press day for Mr. Carranza, as the NY Post editorial board call him a total pathetic twit. 

Adam Mill opines in American Greatness about a “radical” idea that could beat socialists with one simple plan.  It is, as they say, food for thought. 

Chele Farley is taking the plunge into politics again; plans on running for Congress. 

Gregg Jarrett and Sean Hannity discuss  AG Barr’s belief that “spying did occur”  on the Trump Campaign. 

Sen. John Thune:  If governmental powers were used to abuse the rights of American citizens we need to know. 

The Daily Signal writes about the 4 big issues in Attorney General’s first hearing after getting Mueller Report. 

John R. Lott, Jr. writes that the push to demonize private gun ownership never stops. 

Charles Fain Lehman writes in National Review that suing Big Pharma won’t fix the drug crisis. 

Top 10 Anti-Vaccine Falsehoods and The Truth About Each. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams. 

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