Daily Update

Rest in Peace Christopher Slutman. Thank you for being a true New York hero. 

Our Founding Fathers knew that the Republic they were creating was based on self-government and self-government would require a certain moral compass that would prevent the newly elected officials from becoming self-aggrandizing.   Not an easy task, when one is placed in the position of writing laws, to protect the citizens and welfare of the new Republic.  A system of checks and balances was needed, thus the 3 branches of government, but one still needed a moral compass in each branch.  Joshua Charles opines on the simple, yet extremely important fact that without virtue there is no freedom

City and State reports how six state upstate economic development projects have fared.  Can we get our tax dollars refunded? 

Campaign hopes to sway minority lawmakers in NY pot legalization push.    Al Sharpton and his National Action Network, is part of the larger group – We Rise to Legalize – looking for legalization and expungement of prior records as well as calling for job and ownership opportunities in the cannabis industry from “seed to sale.”  What could possibly go wrong?

Today’s NY Post editorial:  Why the road to pot legalization is proving so rocky , makes good arguments against rushing to move the marijuana issue any further in New York State.

Guy Benson writes about the horrors of socialized medicine in the UK. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo completes the cycle; no respect for the beginning of life and no respect at the end of life.  It really is pathetic that Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to let Judith Clark out of prison after taking part in the Brinks Robbery that left three law enforcement officials (Brown, O’Grady and Paige) dead, he shows no respect for their loss of life and celebrates the life of Judith Clark.  Sign our petition to keep Judith Clark in prison here.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is the kind of individual dreaded by our Founding Fathers – one who has dove head first into self-aggrandizement.