Brooklyn, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo got his way again and while he convinced the Democratic Majorities in the Legislature to go along with his progressive policies tucked into the budget it is obvious that this budget -that many of his progressive allies pushed – is a shameful example of how not to govern. What Governor Andrew Cuomo demanded and elected democratic officials capitulated to, is a slap in the face of every already overtaxed law-abiding resident still living in what was once the Empire State. This $175.5 billion budget is full of misguided ideas that will embolden criminals, force taxpayers to subsidize the election of candidates they do not support, allow illegal immigrants to avoid deportation, put fusion voting at risk and continue the assault on innocent unborn citizens.

The Cuomo budget:
• Establishes a 5-cent charge on paper bags given out to consumers by retailers. This is coupled with the ban on single use bags.
• Eliminated cash bail. In itself an important policy matter that should have been debated as a stand-alone bill and never appeared in the budget.
• Ends “mug shots” being publicized. Another policy matter that did not belong in the budget
• Created a congestion pricing scheme for mid-town and lower Manhattan that in essence is a tax on both commuters and businesses.
• Establishes a framework for the collection of sales taxes by internet marketplace providers.
• Codified parts of the Affordable Health Care Act and Health Exchange into Law.
• Implements and fully funds the Jose R. Peralta DREAM Act for $27 million.
• the state budget fails to reject various unfunded mandates, and most notably excludes adequate funding needed to implement the state’s early voting mandate.
• Gave himself and Lt. Gov. a raise in the middle of the night
• Delegates legislative authority to a commission for the purposes of implementing a taxpayer funded campaign finance program expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars every four years. It also allows the Commission to make binding changes to the election law while further reducing the authority of an elected Legislature. Just as last year’s pay raise commission actions are subject to litigation, we would expect this commission will come under similar review.
• Makes the 2% property tax cap permanent but leaves out NYC

New York has an on-time budget and the Members of the Legislature will get their commission promised pay increase, however, is the cost of this extremely exorbitant budget worth the loss of population because no one can afford to live here? Will New Yorkers continue to consent to be governed by those who fail to take into account the views of all New Yorkers. Will the exodus increase or will New Yorkers rise to the occasion and take back our beloved state?