Daily Update

Tom Precious has covered state government for the Buffalo News since 1997 and has a keen understanding of the dynamics of the budget season.  Unlike many other reporters, Tom Precious, reports the facts, not his interpretation of the facts.  Here are two articles, by Mr. Precious, that you should be aware of:  School funding. Higher taxes. Legalized pot. It must be budget time in Albany.  and Counties: State is looking at localities to finance its fiscal jam. 

Sources: Albany reconsidering pied-à-terre tax. 

Newsday is reporting that the Nassau County legislature voted to borrow $3.7 million implement early voting as required by legislation passed earlier this year by the Democratic controlled Assembly and Senate.   Early voting is not the only item Nassau County is borrowing money for; when you read the article, you have to ask yourselves why do they need to borrow so much?  Nassau must cut spending as it certainly cannot afford to continue to borrow to meet the needs of her residents.

Rowan Scarborough writes in the Washington Times about the things Trump and his associates didn’t do. 

Adam Weiss writes in Daily Caller:  Can Beto Win the Democratic primary by apologizing often enough to the SJW mob? 

How do these people sleep at night? 

As usual, Mayor de Blasio, has it all wrong when it comes to specialized schools. 

Prosecutors just made it far more difficult for real victims of crime to get justice. 

The Beat examines the marijuana issue again. 

Cheryl K. Chumley has a great article in the Washington Times, one that should be circulated to your list of email readers and post on your social media:    Socialism is rooted in godlessness. 

How does a person with such a closed mind refusing to admit even a semblance of truth regarding the thorough Mueller investigation, remain the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee?   One is incapable of preforming the important duties of the Intelligence Committee (charged with the oversight of the United States Intelligence Community) when one’s mind is consumed by a vise of hatred simply because their candidate did not become president.