Daily Update

John Gizzi, a long-time political reporter, has a great article on the what our new chairman, Gerard Kassar, foresees for the Conservative Party.

The good news today, is that the legalization of marijuana will NOT be included in the budgetCounties are opting out and with legitimate concerns; the full-blown movement to legalize marijuana has slowed down and more reasonable people are listening to the levelheaded concerns.  Nassau County did an extensive study and issued a 107-page report that found “numerous potential public safety and public health concerns that need to be addressed well before Nassau County could begin to participate in any cannabis related businesses.”  The Nassau County Report is here. 

So far, legalizing pot isn’t paying off in Massachusetts. 

Former Lt. Governor, Betsy McCaughey, has some good advice for everyone: Stop ignoring the brutal downside of legal pot. 

Steven Malanga writes in the upcoming issue of City-Journal magazine about the marijuana delusion.

The Progressive Left wants you to believe that guaranteeing a living wage – raising the minimum wage – crime rates would be reduced.  A new report, by the National Bureau of Economic Research, directly contradicts past arguments.  Read more about it here.

The Beat opines on Mayor de Blasio’s good paying jobs. 

City Hall briefing on ThriveNYC raised more questions than it answered.  

Courtney O’Brien: Here’s How Republicans Plan to Keep SCOTUS at Nine Seats. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.