Daily Update

Reuters hasn’t fired Joseph Menn.  Why not?  Albeit, Reuters is facing ethical questions after admitting that their reporter (Menn) sat on/withheld/ buried/suppressed the fact that a now famous member of the “Cult of the Dead Cow” was actually Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, running for the US Senate against Sen. Ted Cruz (and a current declared candidate for US President.)  How do you let an employee cut a deal that keeps news that confirmed Beto’s membership in a cult known for its shady activity?  It doesn’t matter if he was an actual hacker; he was running to become one of one hundred men and women who confirm US Supreme Court Justices, ratify treaties, sit on prestigious committees and write the laws that ultimately control our lives.   Joseph Menn confirmed O’Rourke was a member in 2017 and buried the article.  Would we have known, had Beto won?  This really is outrageous, and we haven’t even mentioned that Beto wrote bizarre fiction under the pseudonym of “Psychedelic Warlord.”  Beto may have been a teenager when writing his fiction, but it is evident, to me, that his fascination with the death of living human beings hasn’t evolved.  When asked about late term abortions, it is important to listen to how the question is posed. Beto’s response was, “That should be a decision a woman makes. I trust her.”  Here is the Joseph Menn article dated March 15, 2019 that lets us know about Beto’s membership in the oldest hacker group in US history and may have inadvertently burst Beto’s bubble. 

Finally, some good news associated with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

NYC Specialized High School Admissions Don’t Reflect City’s Diversity.  Let me see if I understand the problem.  The NYC specialized high schools do not reflect the diversity of New York City, so Mayor de Blasio wants to scrap the admittance tests and institute a program called Discovery and offer free tutoring to talented, disadvantaged students who miss the test-score cutoff.  So, does this mean that the colleges playing in March Madness should no longer have the 68 teams play in a single-elimination tournament to determine the final four?  Maybe we should eliminate the playoffs leading up the Stanley Cup finals.  Why have division leader playoffs prior to the Super Bowl?  Should baseball eliminate the World Series because it isn’t diversified enough?  Americans play sports, American watch sports and Americans bet on sports, not because it is diversified, rather because it is competitive and the best rise to the top.  Shouldn’t education be just as important?  Why would anyone want to change the standards that have served those who attend the specialized high schools, and possibly harm those who are admitted when the do not have the foundation needed to succeed?   Mr. Mayor, diversity is not a solution to a problem that does not exist; NYC Specialized High Schools is the Gold Medal of Educational Olympics.   And one more note for you Mr. Mayor:  more Charter Schools will bring more diversity to New York’s specialized high schools. 

Really, Mr. Mayor, if you used your personal funds, would they have been put to better use?   

Young People’s Embrace of Socialism Shows Why We Shouldn’t Lower the Voting Age. 

If You Don’t Remember Cold War, Communism, Getting Free Stuff from Government Sounds Great. 

Destroying Norms: After Losing to Trump, Democrats Want to Pack the Courts and Change the Rules. 

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