Daily Update

Yancy Roy wrote in yesterday’s Newsday on the top issues in the NYS Budget debate.  Upon review, it would seem that one party control did not simplify the budget process and left the NYS Democrats with no one to blame for the morass, but themselves.  All of the voting members should absorb the message the Buffalo News Editorial Board wrote yesterday also:  Legislature budgets make promises our economy can’t keep.  Jimmy Vielkind writes in the Wall Street Journal (the WSJ is behind a paywall) that Cuomo fights with fellow democrats as budget deadline nears. 

If a bill has lingered in Albany for a quarter of a century, could there possibly be one iota of good in it?    It there was, it would have been negotiated and passed, long before 25 years have gone by.    Therefore, be very careful what you wish for. 

Today’s Siena Poll results indicate that New Yorkers’ do not like the direction our Empire State is taking with one party in control of both Houses and the Executive Branch.  Of course, Democrats disagree, however a strong majority of Independents and an overwhelming majority of Republicans believe the state is moving too far to the left.  The full Siena Poll and results are available here. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t be happy that she is consider the Amazon Slayer by most polled, albeit, she has taken credit for doing so.  Now that people understand the full economic loss, AOC is no longer a hero for slaying Amazon’s move to Queens.

The Nation gleefully opines  that congestion pricing is New York’s Green New Deal.  Obviously, The Nation isn’t concerned about the fact that the Green New Deal would be an economic disaster to our nation and impossible to realistically implement, but that doesn’t matter to news sites like The Nation, they just feed their readers the gobbledygook that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cooks up in her Ivory Tower in the hope of converting more non-thinking individuals into becoming climate-justice activists. 

Rebecca Hagelin opines in the Washington Times about what is really important to save our nation/planet:  Reject the curses of socialism by embracing the blessings of liberty.    Ying Ma opines on the Fox News Network that socialism brings equality, but it is the equality of scarcity.  (Except for those in control who live godlike lives, my assessment, not Ying Ma’s.)  Tom Del Beccaro has an Op-Ed here  on the nine steps from freedom to socialism to societal breakdown.  The video of his appearance this morning on Fox and Friend is here.

Bill Hammond:  Hospital Revenue Surge Creates Haves and Have-Nots. 

 Developers say proposed prevailing wage law is a business killer. 

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times that the cowboy-way is under fire.  Perhaps, if the cowboy code was practiced in 2019, the world would be a better place. 

Larry Horist gives another perspective on HR 1 – the House Election Reform Bill. 

Katrina Trinko explains (in a very moving article of faith) to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, why we pray and offer thoughts and prayers after tragedies (New Zealand/ Netherlands).