Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap-Up for March 15, 2019!


America’s borders are a mess, but our elected “leaders” are just playing politics with our security – that’s the biggest takeaway from this week’s news. Say what you will about President Trump, but he understands the scope of this crisis and is determined to do something about it. If only Congress, including Republicans, would get serious about securing our borders. But as we saw in this week’s vote against President Trump, there seems to be little hope of that.

President Trump’s one-word response – “VETO!” – makes it clear that this battle isn’t over, and thank goodness for that. We can’t afford to not secure our borders.

It’s all politics here in New York too. Andrew Cuomo is launching new efforts to “protect immigrants from ICE” – law enforcement, as always with left-wing Democrats, is the enemy. But as usual the Governor is trying to have his cake and eat it too, playing all sides of this issue to placate both open borders extremists who are now the driving force for the Democrat Party as well as the dwindling number of Democratic “moderates” who are still useful to the left (and who can’t afford to vote for immigration insanity like a driver’s license for folks who are, in the politically correct parlance, “undocumented”).

So many New York conservatives I speak with are gravely concerned about America’s uncontrolled borders and want the immigration issue to be a top priority for the Conservative Party. I want to open this topic up to as many people as possible, so I’m making it our new Weekly Poll question – how important is the immigration issue to you personally? Let me know today!


I guess in reality law enforcement isn’t ALWAYS the enemy in the Democrats’ eyes – when government agents are attempting to crack down on taxpayers, it’s all systems go as far as the left is concerned. According to one report, “With New York facing a serious $2.3 billion budget deficit, the state’s Department of Taxation and Finance is getting increasingly fierce in chasing funds from wealthy residents fleeing its high taxes.”

Of course, everyone should pay the taxes they owe – you hear that, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? – but it’s fascinating to me, just how angry Democrats’ become when hard-working people decide they don’t want to play along with the left’s tax-and-spend games.


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Have a great weekend!