Daily Update

Governor Cuomo is completely out of touch with reality when to comes to New York’s college swim teams.  Put the petty politics aside, Governor, and let the swimmers swim. 

One thing is an absolute about Beto O’Rourke: Humility is not one of his attributes. 

Where does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get her information from?  Perhaps AOC should hire a person who knows how to research from reliable sources. 

Cal Thomas opines on why socialism fails. 

Ben Shapiro opines on a major portion of what made America great in his column, What liberals forget:  Before the welfare state, Americans took care of each other.

El Salvador’s President-Elect Outlines His 3 Steps to Destroy MS-13, Other Gangs. 

Wow… Iran Wins Leadership Post at UN ‘Gender Equality’ Body, After Sentencing Women’s Rights Advocate to Prison, Lashing. The UN is long past its usefulness.

The Beat writes:  SCAFFOLD LAW ON TRIAL. 

What you haven’t heard about marijuana.