Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap-Up for March 8, 2019!


This week the Conservative Party and all third parties are under attack from the New York State Democratic party, who adopted a non-binding resolution to eliminate fusion voting in New York State. As you know fusion voting, which has existed in New York for decades, allows candidates who appear on multiple ballot lines to combine votes into a single total. Incredibly, many Democratic party leaders as well their functionaries in Board of Election offices throughout the state have argued that having fewer party choices on the ballot benefits the voter. On its face, this is a ludicrous argument

The entire crusade is rooted in cynicism. Despite denials, it’s clear that Governor Andrew Cuomo has been attempting to execute a political vendetta. Even top Democrats including Chuck Schumer, multiple members of congress and an overwhelming number of state legislators have come out against their own party’s foolish resolution.

What’s best for voters and our state? A healthy multi-party system allowing voters to cast votes for candidates that in the case of the Conservative Party reflect a clear view on issues. In fact, the Conservative Party is often the good-housekeeping seal of approval for candidates in the eyes of voters.

Be assured that as State Chairman, together with our excellent party leaders on a state and local level, we will be closely watching any and all developments on this issue. We stand ready to use our influence in Albany and all tools and resources at our disposal to stop this attempt by the Democratic Party to further their goal of eliminating voices of opposition to the Governor’s mismanagement of New York State.


A week ago today, I was in Washington attending the annual CPAC conference, and I was buoyed to see so many young people stand up for their conservative beliefs.

This Daily Signal article features nine young adults (including one young lady from New York) explaining why they’re conservative, and it reflects what I saw at CPAC – there is a new generation of Americans who are pro-life, who want economic freedom instead of socialism, and who understand that illegal immigration and open borders will destroy our country.

One of my goals as your chairman is to increase young people’s involvement. What do you think is the BEST way for the Conservative Party to attract younger voters in New York? That’s the question I want you to answer in our new Weekly Poll – and feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts you have on ways to grow our party.


Rep. Elise Stefanik offered a powerful tribute to Mike Long in a speech on the House floor.

The end-bail crowd is already making New York’s streets more violent.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s dark money hypocrisy is being exposed.

Have a great weekend!