Daily Update

Michael Goodwin:  New York’s progressives will send us back to 70’s financial ruin at this rate. 

Socialism’s millennial fans don’t even know what it is.     As the article points out, unfortunately, more and more older democrats (Mayor de Blasio) support the ideals of millennial socialism.  They should know better!

Mayor Bill de Blasio should thank his lucky stars that he was not around when America was being formed as a country.   Actually, it is the other way around; all of us should thank our lucky stars that he wasn’t around then.   The United States of America never would have been the nation that lifted the world from so many negative aspects that kept them from wallowing in poverty, despair, illness and starvation, if people who thought like Mayor de Blasio were the Founding Fathers.  The US’s experiment in government was ratified on June 21, 1788, and the first Congress was called on March 4, 1789, a mere 231-year history. In the annals of history, we are imperceptible, yet, in what we have accomplished, we are distinguishable and present the opportunities that continue to draw people to our shores.  Why does Mayor de Blasio want to destroy what we are with his radical ideals that will decimate the free market?   

Robert Knight points out in his column – Inside Democratic radicalism – that socialism is a power trip. 

This plan isn’t about unclogging New York City’s streets — it’s about milking them. 

Bob McManus opines on A war on New York’s history.

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow says the bully is back

The State of Politics blog asks the question:  Will lawmakers gang up on Cuomo? 

PAC payments to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend raises questions.   While we are on the subject of AOC, here is an article you may have missed over the weekend:  Gas-guzzling car rides expose AOC’s hypocrisy amid Green New Deal pledge.  Then there is this:  ‘It’s Intolerant’: Francis Calls Out AOC for Reported Warning to Moderate Dems.

The Daily Signal reports on the 17 Takeaways from America’s Biggest Conservative Conference.