Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to my first Weekly Wrap-Up as Chairman of the Conservative Party!

 I am humbled by this opportunity, and I will lead with the same values and integrity that have defined the Conservative Party since its founding in 1962 – the party that Ronald Reagan celebrated as “… a preeminent force in New York Politics and an important part of our political history.”  

 It is an honor to walk in the footsteps of Chairman Long, Chairman Maltese, Chairman Mahoney and Chairman O’Doherty, and I am pleased to stand alongside you and all New Yorkers who want what’s best for our state.

 For my first Weekly Poll questions, I’d like to take a “best and worst” approach – first off, which conservative political leader from the present day or recent history do you think offers the BEST example of leadership?

 And at the same time, who do you think is doing the poorest job right now representing New York on a national level?

 We unfortunately have plenty to choose from there – including Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her calls for costly socialism, Bill de Blasio’s betrayal of New York City, Andrew Cuomo’s incompetence, Chuck Schumer’s anti-Trump hysteria, Kirsten Gillibrand’s dedication to abortion extremism, or Michael Bloomberg’s assault on the Second Amendment.

 You can trust the Conservative Party to continue to take a stand against every left-wing effort to undermine our state and our nation.  I’m eager to lead this fight and advance our values, and I know you are too. 

 Make sure to check this blog for updates on how the Conservative Party is making a difference for you!