Daily Update

According to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez she understands economics because she worked for tips .  I wonder, if AOC understands how many extra hours she would have to work (if still employed as a bartender, instead of her current position of preaching congresswoman) in order to pay for her Green New Deal. 

No surprise here ; this is what happens when you really do not have any understanding of simple economics.  When AOC was working for tips, at least she was working.  Someone has to ask AOC what product does government produce to raise money?

Unfortunately, too many of the candidates running for president in 2020 are unconcerned about the costs of government. 

Cohen’s History of Falsehoods Makes His Upcoming Congressional Testimony Worthless. 

Guy Benson on Michael Cohen’s testimony — Blasting Trump, Cohen Admits: No Evidence of Collusion, No Directive to Commit Perjury, Key Claim in Dossier is False. 

Seth Barron explains that no one’s jailed at Rikers for ‘the crime of being too poor’. 

Did you know that a group of New York lawmakers are calling for legalization of prostitution?  I am beginning to think there is a group of legislators who want to decriminalize everything; let’s just let society do whatever they please when ever they want. 

De Blasio cancels embattled, high-cost Renewal school program. 

Another Use For The Internet Sales Tax Revenue.

They say what goes around comes around and this issue  – the one that got me involved in politics many years ago – is back on the state level, despite the failure to become federal law even after the time to ratify it was extended. 

Cal Thomas on picking up good migration.  Or as Fox News Headlines put it:  Florida’s economy is booming while blue states like New York are mired in debt — why is that?

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