Daily Update

Today is the first workday of a new era in the history of the NYS Conservative Party under the leadership of Chairman Gerard Kassar the former Chairman of the Kings County Conservative Party.  As his first order of business at the State Executive Committee meeting on Saturday, Chairman Kassar made a motion to elect Michael R. Long as Chairman Emeritus.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Frank Morano mentions Chairman Kassar.  You can listen here; it begins at the 11:36 mark.  (it is a short segment.)

Carl Campanile reached out to Chairman Kassar for the Party’s reaction to the proposal to spend over $500 million for illegal immigrants to provide virtually free, taxpayer-financed health care to more than 400,000 adult illegal immigrants.  You can read Chairman Kassar’s response here. 

Bob McManus hits another home run with his latest article in the NY Post:  These ‘congestion pricing’ schemes are just a new way to bleed the public.   Of course, Robert Mujica opines (and defends his boss) in the NY Daily News that lawmakers can’t pretend they don’t know what the governor is proposing. 

Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins targets Cuomo in wake of Amazon debacle. 

The Beat examines New York’s gas crisis. 

Competition, Not Government Control, Can Make Health Care Cheaper. 

Bill Hammond, explains how Governor Cuomo is parsing health care cuts. 

Bill Hammond also writes about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s 4% fantasy. 

Matthew Continetti, writing in the Washington Free Beacon, examines what to do about the rebirth of socialism. 

Robert J. Knight opines on Bernie’s red Bona Fides in the Washington Times.