Daily Update

The hypocrisy of far too many elected officials is astounding

The Progressives certainly have the working classes back  …at least that is what they want you to believe.  Facts, however, show the real results of the progressive demand for a living wage, and how it ultimately harms those who need jobs the most.   It isn’t only restaurant employees feeling the effects of the increase of the minimum wage.

John Crudele has some wise words  for those seeking a $42 dollar an ounce tax on New Jersey’s soon to be legal marijuana.  Why would anyone buy “legal” marijuana with this tax attached to it?  The Black Market will thrive.  Are you listening New York?  Selling  “legal”  (marijuana is still a Schedule 1 Drug ) marijuana will not resolve any of the problems New York officials offer as a reason to legalize a product that clearly results in a multitude of serious problems. 

Ridge state pol pushing bill to ban supervised injection sites.    

Bob McManus writes about De Blasio’s Dereliction of Duty in the City Journal.  

Dems’ 2020 race is starting to look like a chutzpah contest. 

What’s at Stake for the First Amendment in These 2 Cases? 

Maybe Jeff Bezos will just settle this:  Covington Student Sues Washington Post, but I doubt that he is man enough to do what is right as that would mean he would had to admit he (as owner of the Washington Post and has President Truman was known to say “The buck stops here”)  was wrong to run with an unverified article.    

New York’s budget problems make national news:  New York officials face backlash over ‘congestion’ tax push. 

We have known this for a long time ~ China is using ‘economic espionage’ and ‘theft’ to grab US technology and it certainly is a major problem for the United States.  This, however, is ethically and morally wrong for the worldChina’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced.