Daily Update

Mayor Bloomberg, considering you are thinking about running for president, why are your records still shielded, missing, or lacking at NYC Archives?

The Hill list the 10 Dems most likely to win the 2020 presidential nomination and while Sen. Gillibrand is on the list, The Hill, takes a swipe at her candidacy.  Governor Cuomo is not on the list, however, Beto O’Rourke, who is still making up his mind, is.   

Victor Davis Hanson opines on the strange paradoxes of our age

Rich Lowry opines on Ilhan Omar’s big lie

The 2nd Amendment gives US citizens the right to bear arms, despite the outcry of the left who would rather abolish the 2nd Amendment and only have celebrities and elected officials be protected by security with licenses to carry guns.  A portion of the left has gone off the deep end.  They seek to protect illegal aliens who attempt to purchase firearms and fail a background check.    Outrageous, simply outrageous!

Larry Horist writes in the Punching Bag Post that McCabe is a treacherous coup-plotter and exercised the worst abuse of power since J. Edgar Hoover.  Here is more from Mark Penn on Fox News.

In case you have forgotten, Connor Veenstra, writes in Townhall.com about all the times Obama called for a national emergency. 

In case you missed this:  Don’t back Cuomo’s flawed congestion pricing plan,   and this Cuomo’s to blame for Westchester’s gas crisis. 

Why limit the best public schools for poor minority NYC kids? 

New Yorkers fleeing to Florida need to leave their terrible blue state policies behind as well. 

Kathyrn Jean Lopez eloquently writes “one Mama can change the world.”

Outside of New York State, ‘Life Is Winning’, At Least 10 States Pushing Heartbeat Bills