Daily Update

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio spoke at the Feb. 7, 2019 Cathedral Club of Brooklyn’s 119th annual dinner and spoke to the attendees about the Reproduction Health Act and the probability of the democratic controlled state also passing physician’s assisted suicide.  While many call for excommunication of Catholics for voting for these bills, Bishop DiMarzio said he will pray for them and that “the best punishment they could have is to be voted out of office. That’s the ultimate therapy for a politician.”  Bishop DiMarzio also “pointed out that the Church is losing many of its friends in politics.  He cited Michael Long, who is stepping down as Chairman of the NYS Conservative Party after 30 years; State Sen. Marty Golden, who was recently defeated by Democrat Andrew Gounardes; and the late Charles “Joe” Hynes, the former Kings County District Attorney who died last month.”  You can read the rest of the article here. 

Amazon pulls out of building a new headquarters in Queens.  This is good news and really bad news. Good news because the state and city are off the hook for $3B in tax subsidies for one of the world’s richest companies; really bad news for the possible 25,000 new, much needed jobs that could have been created and provide hope and prosperity to those who were employed by the construction and subsequent jobs.  Can’t help but wonder how this will affect the relationship between some members of the Legislature and the Governor while they negotiation the budget and the rest of the session’s legislation.     

In their zeal to pass progressive legislation, some ideas put forward are not realistic.  Here are two of them that should be dismissed:  State Legislature introduces first “Green New Deal” bill in the nation  and an amendment to turn the state into Sue York,

Fox News Poll: Capitalism buries socialism. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t care if a sitting president smokes a schedule 1 drug Her statement makes it obvious that it isn’t only history that she knows very little about.  Just a little bit of research turns up articles like this and more research would really give her a better understanding on just how harmful marijuana is. 

Not only should Congress adopt Rep. Michael Cloud’s proposal, every state in the Union should, especially our home state of New York! 

David Keene opines in the Washington Times:  Early promises of the Democratic wannabes. 

Bob McManus writes in the City Journal about NYC schools:  Diversity First—Education, Whenever. 

Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer opine in the NY Post:  High taxes are driving away the tri-state golden geese. 

Jim Geraghty opines in the Morning Jolt about Kirsten Gillibrand’s Chameleonic Ability.