Daily Update

Leave it to Albany to find new ways to spend your tax dollars:  State lawmakers introduce bill to raise minimum wage for inmates. As Chairman Long notes, “We should be providing relief to taxpayers who obey the rules of society instead of giving an increase to criminals.”

Gov. Cuomo not only wants to pay inmates more money, he also wants to ban mugshots. 

Local Governments Concerned Over Legalized Marijuana.

George J. Marlin devotes his column in Newsmax to Chairman Long.

It is disgraceful that certain Members of Congress seem to think they can use the power of that office to score political points.  We need to elect people who understand what the role of Congress is in our Republic. 

The sad reality is, if voters continue to elect citizens that are not well versed in our US Constitution , America could indeed become socialist. 

Two powerful men from Queens, NY continue to fight about the sanctity of life; one understands, the other panders.    

Tom Basile has this to say about NY democrats. 

The Niagara Gazette’s editorial:  Lack of revenue is not NY’s problem.

Watch this video it is unsettling to say the least.