Daily Update

The majority – 75% — of the people who watched the State of the Union address by President Donald J. Trump, approved of his remarks reported CBS news in an instant poll

The Washington Post was obviously not listening to the same address as evidenced by their headline:  In dissonant State of the Union speech, Trump seeks unity while depicting ruin.  Even when President Trump hits a home run, and a large majority of listeners approve, the Jeff Bezos run newspaper cannot give him any credit.  No wonder why our country is so divided.

The Washington Times went with Trump’s optimistic approach:  Trump calls on Dems to break gridlock, help achieve ‘American greatness’.

The NY Sun focused on being President Trump’s aversion to socialism with this headline — ‘Born Free’: Trump Sets Up the 2020 Election Debate. 

The Daily Signal fact checks SOTU While, there was mostly praise by The Daily Signal on the SOTU, they also had some concerns which are outlined here.

The Daily Signal also did a fact check on Stacey Abrams rebuttal. 

The NY Post editorial had this to say:  Trump delivers a genuine ‘unity’ message. 

Michael Goodwin was also candid in his column:  Trump shows he’s playing to win with bold State of the Union address. 

Of all of the issues President Trump said, this hits closest to home for those of us who understand and respect the wonder of life.  Thank you, Mr. President, for speaking out on saving the lives of our most innocent members of society. 

 Jim Geraghty, who writes the Morning Jolt for National Review caledl the speech a Home Run. 

Bernie, AOC and Warren: this is for you:   Advocates of American Socialism Need to Learn Some Lessons. 

Third elected official in Virginia wore blackface at a college party. 

De Blasio’s secret union deal. 

Herb Stupp reviews a Place They Called Home.

Happy birthday, President Ronald Reagan — Your legacy is with us, even today!

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.