Daily update

The Conservative Action Project , of which Chairman Long is a member, is urging the Trump Administration to defend citizenship on the 2020 census and oppose the overuse of national injunctions.   

The Heritage Foundation tells us 8 things we should know about Stacy Abrams  before she gives the democratic response to President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight at 9:00 PM

Senate Democrat Blocks Infanticide Ban.

Democrats’ Radical Push on Abortion Will Backfire. 

Robert J. Knight opines in the Washington Times on the growing record of insanity.

Charles Hurt opines on Outrage over blackface, silence over killing babies. 

David Keene writes how Democrats signal their intentions and focus’ on HR 1 — “For the People Act of 2019” – a bill designed to keep the democrats in power for decades. 

Tom Precious writes about the Governor’s budget shortfall  and ensuing dilemma in the Buffalo News.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) writes that Governor Cuomo’s natural-gas blockade is raising costs across the Northeast.

Another one of Governor Cuomo’s brilliant ideas using your tax dollars.  Former Tesla workers paint grim picture of Buffalo plant. 

New York has a giant tax problem its leaders don’t want to face. 

The Beat speaks out on making great schools mediocre. 

Virginia, we have a problem

ICYMI: WaPo’s Super Bowl Ad Is A Fresh Reminder That the News Media Thinks We’re All Idiots.