Daily Update

Michael Gormley is reporting in Newsday that there are serious concerns regarding a short fall in tax collections that could seriously impact the budget process.  If spending isn’t cut, expect an increase in your taxes.  Add the information in this article to Sunday’s NY Post editorial and you will soon realize that the cost of living in New York is on a dangerous precipice. 

The ugly truth about de Blasio’s ‘equity’ agenda.

Chairman Mike Long appeared on 3 news shows recently.  On Friday, Chairman Long was on NY 1, and if you missed it, you can watch it here   On Saturday morning, Chairman Long was on the WOR Saturday morning show with Joe Bartlett and you can listen to it here. On Sunday, Chairman Long was on Cats Roundtable NYC with John Catsimatidis.  You can listen to Chairman Long’s interview here. 

Cuomo displays more contempt for innocent lives as he proposes a law that will end the ban on surrogate moms. 

Dr. Manny Alvarez, a Fox News contributor and obstetrician, explains that “the political agenda to include elective termination of pregnancy into the third trimester may lead to putting patients in harm’s way.”  He also asks the question; What knowledge does a politician have in obstetrical medicine?  You can read the rest of the article here. 

The world is really up-side-down when a NYC Councilperson, is pushing for a city ban on the sale of foie- gras by restaurants and vendors on the basis of animal cruelty.  The same city that lit the World Trade Center in pink when Gov. Cuomo signed the RHA bill allowing an innocent human baby’s death because their mother did not want this most precious gift.  Animals are being afforded more protection than a precious human being and that is a very sad statement on today’s elected officials.