Daily Update

John Gizzi  opines on Chairman Long’s thirty year history as Chairman of the Conservative Party.

Every person I know is repelled by what Kermit Gosnell was justifiably convicted of and sent to jail for three life sentences. Nick Searcy states in his Townhall.com column, that on Jan. 22, 2019, almost everything Gosnell and his staff did was legalized by the state of New York.  How pathetic that Governor Cuomo and those who celebrated the passage of this horrendous bill do not understand the barbarity of what they celebrate.

Jim Geraghty berates Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s defense of his indefensible remarks.

The Culture of Death Is Never Satisfied. 

Polar Vortex: Killer Freeze Is Really Due To…Wait for It… Global Warming. 

The editors of National Review are not fans of Sen. Kamala Harris health care plan. 

Democrats move to strike ‘so help you God’ from witness oath. 

Yesterday, it was Texas, today it is Pennsylvania. 

Top DOD Official: Three More Large Migrant Caravans Are Headed Towards the US Border.   

NYC schools chief Carranza goes after charter schools again.