Daily Update

Governor Cuomo does it again.  Yesterday, we wrote about Governor Cuomo signing the Reproductive Health Act and showed how jovial he was while signing the legislation. 

Today, we are appalled that he and his progressive democrats in control of both Houses have passed the Dream Act.  We understand that Dreamers are not responsible for being brought to New York (and throughout America) as young children with no say in the matter.  We understand that Dreamers have spent their whole lives here, what we do not understand is why taxpayers have to pay for their college education, while struggling to pay for their own children’s college degrees.  How is that equitable?  If they, and their parents, have spent years here as illegal immigrants, working and benefitting from being here, why didn’t they put aside, as most parents have, the money to attend college.  If they didn’t earn enough, why not work while attending college, as so many before them have.  Democrat control means no one is there to speak up for us.

Gov. Cuomo wants to expand the Red Flag law calling it an improvement on the SAFE Act.  The SAFE Act infringes on our 2nd Amendment Rights, so rest assured expanding the Red Flag law will do even more to confiscate law-abiding citizens firearms.

By the time the progressive democrats finish the 2019 legislative session, New York will be unrecognizable and hemorrhaging people who live here.

A judge’s outrageous ‘mercy’ for teen who crippled cop. 

Nathan Phillips is a liar, not a victim. 

Before you become totally discouraged, know that there are still good people in New York and across America.