Daily Update

Take a look at the picture with this article. It speaks volumes!  Governor Andrew Cuomo is as jolly as he can be, while signing the death warrant on innocent unborn babies’ lives.  His signature allows an unborn child to be ripped from their mother’s womb and have their lives snuffed out up until the actual moment of birth.  And we call ourselves civilized.  What is civilized about allowing – no, encouraging the death of a child yet unborn?  As a measure of adding insult to injury, Governor Cuomo allows tax dollars – our money – to be used for this dastardly act.

We can only hope that the legislators (and public) who championed and voted for this Bill, will someday recognize, that a human life treated with such disdain, was and is the most precious gift ever bestowed on the human race.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.