Daily Update

In this age of instant news and knee-jerk reactions without verification (or just reviewing an extremely short video clip), reputations can be ruined and unfortunately live forever on the internet.  The latest case in point is the saga of Native American Nathan Phillips and the students at Covington Catholic High School.  Here is Jim Geraghty, who writes for  National Review, analysis  of what happened at the underreported March for Life on Friday.    (Underreported as to the March for Life event; the aftermath was overreported.)  Here is an update from Fox News this morning. 

Kyle Smith opines that the case of the Covington kids is a perfect example of media bias. 

National Review has a comparison of the signs at the March for Life and the Woman’s March.  Be forewarned:  some of the photos are quite vulgar and   very sad when you see the young ages of future Americans holding signs at the Woman’s March. 

Even before President Trump yielded on 3 immigration policies, the democrats rejected them

Gov. Cuomo will not be pleased with today’s NY Post editorial:  Cuomo’s MTA moves show what a real dictator looks like. 

New York law is an open invitation to home invaders

Report Says Nearly One-Third Would Pay More Under Single-Payer. 

Bill Hammond of the Empire Center exposes the money trail of the Greater NY Health Association.