Weekly Wrap-Up

This has been a dark week for New York, as Andrew Cuomo hit our state with an avalanche of platitudes (all with a huge price tag – talk isn’t cheap!) and lawmakers began bombarding our state with radical legislation that:

What do you think is the WORST proposal being forced into law by Cuomo and the New York liberals? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll – and I’ll go ahead and jump right into the second question: Who do you think will suffer the MOST by these left-wing policies?

New York’s attacks on the unborn come as the country celebrates the March for Life – and while liberals’ feel a strange passion for abortion, sensible Americans disagree… even the young Americans that many believe to be blindly leftist.

“Here’s what separates the March for Life from any other march,” Matt Walsh points out on Twitter. “Nobody in attendance is marching for themselves. Nobody is demanding rights or privileges for themselves. Everyone is marching on behalf of those who cannot march.”

This week we also celebrated Religious Freedom Day, and the need to recognize this precious right has never been greater as Democrats continue their assault on religious faith. Their targets include members of the Knights of Columbus and those who teach in Christian schools (and Christian schools themselves) – and there’s no doubt the left is coming for our churches next.

The Democrats’ lackluster candidates for 2020 are all running in lockstep with the left’s radical agenda, including our junior Senator and flip-flopper extraordinaire Kirsten Gillibrand, whose “moral compass” has pointed her to all sides of important issues including gun control and immigration, depending on political convenience.

That Gillibrand is a product of Albany’s corrupt political machine and an ally of the anti-Semitic “Women’s March” calls her qualifications in to questions – what would you say is the TOP reason why she would be a terrible President? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Also this week: Washington’s socialists (i.e. the Democrats) continue to push catastrophic tax hikes; the government shutdown continues to show that much of government is unnecessary; and the “deep state” campaign against President Trump continues to be exposed.

Have a great weekend!