Daily Update

BREAKING NEWS:  President Donald J. Trump cancels Speaker Nancy Pelosi ‘s planned international travel over the partial government shutdown on Thursday.  Read the developing account here. 


Lately, reading the newspapers, is not a pleasant experience between the anger in politics and the senseless murders of parents and strangers.  However, in today’s Times Union, Chris Churchill has a great piece about the missing page of Governor Cuomo’s speech.  Great column Chris.

Now, back to reality.  Here is how to increase the cost of doing business in New York:  Cuomo pushes to require union wages for construction projects. 

And here is Governor Cuomo’s plan to disparage religious communities. 

The Daily Signal  writes about the 25th anniversary of the Religious Freedom Law (a law, Gov. Cuomo should be aware of).  Part of what the article says is: “Under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, “religious freedom is not absolute, but is protected by the highest standards under constitutional law,” (acting AG) Whitaker said at the Heritage Foundation.  “Government is still able to fulfill its purposes, just without infringing on other people’s rights. It is a remarkable thing for a government to impose such a restraint on itself, and it is unique to the American system.”  The Religious Freedom Law was signed by President Bill Clinton who presided over a Democrat House and Senate.  In case you didn’t know, then Congressman Charles E. Schumer was the prime sponsor in the House where it passed unanimously.   It passed the Senate 97-3.  Does anyone think the Minority Leader of the Senate would carry that Bill today? 

Today’s NY Post editorial writes how Cuomo is showing New York why he shouldn’t control the MTA. 

This is priceless.  Governor Cuomo, often described as the most prodigious political fundraisers, is now calling for lower contribution limits. 

Perhaps, Mr. Churchill’s column isn’t so tongue-in-cheek after all. Governor Cuomo may need that wall since he is doing his best to encourage people to leave New York.

Speaking of walls, Conservatives stand with President Trump:  Build the Wall. 

Star Parker  opines that we will look back and view abrtion as we view slavery today.  We should all work for that day to come sooner rather than later.