Daily Update

Nanny state government is back with a vengeance, and we all will be paying the price.  We understand the harm that plastic is doing to our environment and believe it is morally wrong.  Proper disposal is essential for plastic garbage bags and all items made of plastic — including syringes happily handed out by government agencies and strewn all over parks and subway stations.  If government insists on banning plastic bags shouldn’t we insist on banning our tax dollars being used to provide syringes? 

If you are 18, you can give your life for your country, you can vote in elections, you can get married, but if government has its way, you won’t be able to buy a product that is legal.  Cigarettes, last time anyone checked, are still legal and will remain so even with restrictions, because government is addicted to the taxes they bring in.  

Governor Cuomo supports giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses.  Chairman Long responds in this article. 

De Blasio’s double standard on workers’ benefits.  

If the government is a good as democrats portray it to be by passing Bills that give them more control over our lives, why are the residents that can only afford to live in the NYC Housing Authority living without heat on these bitter cold days. Do a google search on the living conditions for NYCHA, then ask yourself why do you want government running every aspect of our lives.  Someone should ask Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that question.  She would most likely agree with Mayor de Blasio who believes there is plenty of money in the world, it is just in the wrong hands.  Oh, and if you think it is only NYCHA that has a serious problem, you certainly do not use the MTA facilities.