Deep Blue New York State Government Shows Its Disdain for What Made New York the Empire State

Brooklyn, NY – Today, the first full day of the new legislative session in Albany, it is obvious by the legislative agendas being put forth that the very fiber of what made New York the Empire State is no longer the criteria to consider changes in New York’s laws. Rather than being committed to the individual freedoms that helped create the Empire State, the legislature is committed to being the progressive nanny state determined to control every aspect to maintain government dependence.

Among the first Bills being considered are: Expanding abortion “rights”; requiring insurance policies to include coverage of all FDA approved contraceptives and voluntary sterilization procedures (increases the costs of coverage); expanding hate crime definitions; limiting free speech by reducing LLC contributions; requiring an unfunded mandate on counties by requiring early voting ; providing a free education to DREAMERS while citizens born here will not have the same benefits.

These are just some of the priorities being considered by the progressives who believe they know what is best for New Yorkers.

These Bills undermine the principles of individual freedoms and confiscate, by increasing taxes, a larger and larger portion of wages of New Yorkers with little or no benefit to the majority forced to pay for progressive priorities.

This is just the beginning. Unfortunately, it will get progressively worse as Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, the members of the NYC Council and the members of the NYS Legislature cater to the calls of the democrats wedded to the socialist’s views while the rest of us ponder another Boston Tea Party on the shores of the Hudson.