Daily Update

Betsy McCaughey  and the Daily Signal  both point out how impactful it is to taxpayers now that President Trump froze pay rates for the civilian federal work force, canceling their automatic 2.1 percent raise for 2019 and a 25 percent increase in locality-based pay.

By the way, 19 Million Public Employees Cost Taxpayers Nearly $1 Trillion.   (Do we really need 19 million public employees throughout our nation?)

Why are so many leftists such hypocrites? Pelosi’s Pick to Lead Climate Crisis Committee Owned Stock in Top Polluters.

Did you know that universities took $600 million tied to Muslim nations while forming grade school curricula for US students.?

Here’s how much NYC’s public advocate election will cost taxpayers. 

The values of society are certainly up-side-down when animals have more protections than human beings.    Shouldn’t it be the other way around, Sen. Gianaris?  Shouldn’t unborn children be protected from those who seek to violently end their lives and shouldn’t it be easier to adopt children in New York State?

The Bully is Back!  Cuomo warns of investigations war if Legislature looks into his administration. 

Governor Cuomo is completely out of line when he says that he plans to include most of his agenda in the budget bills.  Budget is Budget, not a place to get the radical abortion expansion bill, more restrictions on the 2nd Amendment and legalizing marijuana passed.  These must be stand alone bills, debated by both sides of the aisle and each topic separately voted on by each member.  New Yorkers need to know where their legislator stands on the specific issue, not where they stand with all different issues lobbed into budget bills.