Weekly Wrap-Up

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a Schumer and a Pelosi.

I’d rather have lumps of coal in my stocking, but right now we’re stuck with these two feckless politicians who come across as weak compared to President Trump’s strong leadership.

Who do you find MORE embarrassing as the Democrats’ so-called “leaders” in Congress – Schumer or Pelosi? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll, and both of them are excellent contenders.

“Nations that don’t control their borders cease to be nations” – strong words this week from Investor’s Business Daily, and an idea that the Schumer/Pelosi liberals refuse to acknowledge.

As we learn more about the crime associated with illegal immigration – and the terrorist leanings of the leaders of the current “caravan” – it is more important than ever to secure our borders. Democrats used to at least say the right things on this critical issue – this week President Trump highlighted the liberals’ hypocrisy by sharing quotes from Schumer, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pledging their opposition to illegal immigration.

In doing so, the President gave us a great question for our new Weekly Poll – as the debate over illegal immigration continues into 2019, which of the Democrats’ quotes reflecting sanity on this issue is your favorite? It’s a rare opportunity to agree with something sensible from the liberals, even if they were entirely insincere, so enjoy!

Fake news continues to proliferate, from stories attacking Border Patrol agents for the sins of the parents to deliberate misquotes of GOP lawmakers in an effort to undermine President Trump. The media is obsessed with the President, so much so that they’re furious he cancelled a Christmas party the press claimed to have no interest in attending. (And good riddance to another inside-the-Beltway spectacle, thanks to the Trump Administration.)

Meanwhile, even the most extreme Democrats (the departing governor of California, no less!) think their party is moving too far to the left, and it is likely that the liberals will ruin their 2020 chances by nominating a candidate who is too far left for this country – whether it’s a novice like Beto O’Rourke, an old-school Socialist like Bernie Sanders, or a divisive figure like Elizabeth Warren (among many others, including questionable characters from New York like Kirsten Gillibrand, Andrew Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg).

This would be a blessing, frankly – and I’ll make this the third and final question of our new Weekly Poll: Which of the Democrats’ current 2020 contenders do you think would be the biggest “Christmas gift” to President Trump and the GOP?

Have a great weekend – Christmas is almost here!