Daily Update

This person is the definition of chutzpah! 

Kevin D. Williamson writing in National Review reviews the Trump, Pelosi, Schumer meeting that took place on Tuesday.    This is how the Washington Times covered the meeting. 

Betsy McCaughey asks the question, what’s ‘immoral’ about caring for America’s poor first?

House Democrats Change Rules to Make It Easier to Raise Taxes. 

Bill Hammond writes:  Single-Payer; Double Standard  and Slay the Single-Payer Myths in The Torch. . 

Seriously, is anyone surprised by De Blasio defending embattled $120K-a-year parking summons advocate? 

Apple makes a wise business decision to expand in Austin, Texas, not overtaxed New York State. If only New York’s hierarchy understood why Apple is expanding in Austin, Texas. 

This is only part of what New York State faces if or rather when the Governor succeeds in passing recreational pot  : Boston Herald headline — Pot blamed for mounting highway death toll

Assemblyman Steve Hawley isn’t the only legislator who has concerns about the proposed pay raise and the limit on outside income.

Forbes has an interesting article on what activists Attorney Generals have been able to justify when they band together.  Attorney General elect, Letitia James will be right at home with this group of AG’s.

This bill has been around for at least 5 years , however, every gun owner in New York State should be very concerned that a Democratic controlled Senate and Assembly, and a Governor opposed to our right to own a gun, will pass and Governor Cuomo will sign it in the upcoming session.

Podcast: Doing What’s Ethical on Fetal Tissue. 

No one is targeting the real corruption plaguing New York. 

The left continues to adore Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and wants the 29-year-old to run for president in 2020!  To the writer of the article, the fact that you have to be 35 to run for president is “ridiculous.”   What is ridiculous is their infatuation with her. 

Wednesday’s (a day late) with Walter E. Williams.