Daily Update

Before the Republicans relinquish the reigns of Congress for the next two years, they should acknowledge New York’s only elected registered Conservative Senator James L. Buckley’s service in the United States Senate where he was a co-sponsor of S.1192, which created the Gateway National Recreation Area, that stretches along our Atlantic coast from New York into New Jersey.  Herbert W. Stupp makes the case for this honor in his National Review article:  A No-Cost Statement for ‘Comity’ and Conservatism. 

Investor’s Business Daily writes that Trump Is Right — Subsidies for Electric Cars, Renewable Energy Must End. 

The Beat writes about housing solutions, or housing confusion?

Nicole Gelinas writes that the ‘improved’ MTA is still a complete mess. 

Bungled firing makes Team de Blasio look completely inept.

We’re all paying for NYC’s huge frivolous lawsuit industry. 

Will Governor Cuomo listen to this coalition and just end pretrial jailing? 

Andrew Cuomo to hold inauguration at ‘historic gateway to America.’ Remember, I am not running for President, but I will use Ellis Island in order to have a perfect video for American’s to watch and encourage me to run.

The Ninth Circuit strikes again:  Law Barring People from Encouraging Illegal Aliens to Enter U.S. Is Unconstitutional

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