Daily Update

Kudos to the Daily Gazette, they understand the underlying problems with a pay raise that limits outside income.  Editorial: Limiting outside income not the answer. 

The NY Post also has a great editorial in today’s paper: Look who is getting protected from single-payer health insurance.  

Democratic Socialists have become a political force in NYC.  Before these socialists become more entrenched in NYC politics, New Yorkers should keep an eye on Italy, France, England, Germany and other countries that have embraced socialism and the unrest of the people it is being forced upon. 

Ocasio-Cortez and Jim Hanson Spar Over Whether ‘Death Panels’ Exist in Private Health Insurance Markets. 

Democrats won the House but they’re $18 million in debt.   They spend on their campaigns the same way they spend once elected; no regard for fiscal restraint.   

Prospect Park anti-freeze fountains met with criticism. 

How is Governor Cuomo going to explain his running for president when he has denied it so many times?  The accepting of this position  is a certain sign that the interest is definitely there.

Outgoing GOP congressman mentioned as possible NYS Republican chairman

Extent of corruption detailed in de Blasio donor’s trial is stunning. 

E. J. McMahon has some advice for suburban democrats when they return to Albany. 

Tijuana shuts down migrant caravan shelter.