Weekly Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Over the holiday, I felt very grateful to be an American – gratitude that I know is shared by the Conservative Party’s friends and supporters. But new evidence this week shows that liberals are creating new generations of Americans who don’t understand or appreciate the blessings of our nation.

In fact, large numbers of “millennials” and younger Americans believe what they’ve been taught by the left – that America is racist, sexist, and not all that great.

And it certainly doesn’t help that the left’s “heroes” right now are incompetent, economically illiterate, condescending and smug, and that they hate democracy when things don’t go the Democrats’ way – and of course here in New York, we can add “corrupt” to the list.

Going beyond politics and personalities, though, what I want to ask you today is this: What is the MOST IMPORTANT fact about America that we must be teaching young people right now? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

Sadly we learned this week that young people today are by and large profoundly unhappy – we are truly facing a lost generation of Americans.

And is it any wonder, since the very liberals who claim to represent the future constantly hammer this country with doomsday “global warming” propaganda and fake science?

Fortunately we have a President who is not afraid to stand up to the politically correct climate change bullies – but the left continues to cling to their most cherished dogma.

Why is that, do you think? That is the second question in our new Weekly Poll: What do you think is the TOP reason that liberals push bogus “global warming” hysteria?  I look forward to getting your perspective on this.

Finally, the “migrant caravan” – the left is delusional, but there’s no escaping the risks and dangers that America faces right now as a result of this invasion.

Border patrol agent Brandon Judd has helpfully outlined the five primary dangers of the migrant caravan specifically and illegal immigration in general. Which of the five threats he sets forth do you see as most alarming? That’s the final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Let’s all be grateful that we’re still able to search online and find accurate information like stories I’ve shared today – we know for a fact that Google has explored strategies for suppressing “inconvenient truths.” You can count on the Conservative Party to keep giving you the facts.

Have a great weekend!