Daily Update

Another day, another democratic hope gains more support:    Broad coalition created to push for NYC congestion tolls. 

Rest assured that single payer will hang its hat based on a RAND report that Assemblyman Gottfried is praising.  .  Hopefully, the new coalition of Realities of Single Payer Healthcare   will be able to help us prevent New Yorkers from being saddled with single payer healthcare. 

Reform Underfunded Multiemployer Pension Plans. Don’t Make Taxpayers Bail Them Out. 

‘A Political Report Masquerading as Science’: The Truth About the New Climate Report.  More on the new climate report from the Washington Times:  Obama official helped prepare dire National Climate Assessment. 

From the Washington Times:  Caravan mostly standard illegal immigrants, not refugees fleeing violence.  

John Crudele opines on the problem with those in favor of ‘illegal’ immigration. 

The Beat wants to know when NY will take serious action on mental illness. 

The LA Times takes a look at the (somewhat obvious) ethical problems with creating gene-edited babies.  For the most part, it is a thoughtful, though secular, article. 

Rod Watson: Proposed gun bill threatens more than 2nd Amendment. 

Now this is a sanctuary city that conservatives can support.