Daily Update

The NY Post editorial in today’s paper  ends with this sentence, “If Cuomo intends to live up to his ‘fiscal conservative’ talk, it’s time to put his veto pen to work.” The problem is that Governor Cuomo has never really lived up to his “fiscal conservative” talk and we doubt he will veto all 12 bills.  His excuse will be they were “bipartisan” bills.

Beware:  It will cost you your hard-earned money if they succeed and open the door to fraud.  Reform push combines Democratic interests, nonpartisan charities.  John Kaehny, the executive director of Reinvent Albany says in the article that, “We view these measures as part of our core work to reduce the influence of money on politics. …” what he left out was to have citizens support candidates they would not normally support, to increase the influence of unions and let unscrupulous candidates perpetrate fraud.  The fact that not-for-profits are involved with this issue, should be enough to understand that campaign finance is all about control.  

Here is a website that explains the Realities of Single Payer Healthcare for New York.  Every New Yorker should be aware of this group and do all they can to help them defeat Single Payer Healthcare.   

File this under “Good News” Abortion in US Reaches Lowest Level on Record, Report Finds.

Global Warming: Fake Science Again Serves Far-Left Political Agenda. 

The man just cannot let go of the fact that his term is over!  Obama takes credit for U.S. oil-and-gas boom: ‘That was me, people’.

This was Obama’s proposal:  Obama’s ‘car of the future’ goes kaput. 

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